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Wilbert ( Sunday, November 10, 2019 9:40 PM )


What I especially experienced during the workshop that I followed with family, is that absolutely everyone went home with a nice painting. I myself had never painted at all so I thought it was quite exciting, but I got used to it quickly. Worth repeating and definitely recommended.



Neomi ( Monday, April 15 2019 19:23 )


I believe that you put people at ease and give them the freedom to develop their creativity and to motivate and stimulate them where necessary.
You offer them peace and confidence and you listen carefully. People always want to come and feel good with you.
They leave with a good feeling. You have a lot of ideas and a lot of variety.



Linda ( Wednesday, 07 November 2018 16:21 )


I often look at drawings on the internet, and I always think, how do they do that. Then I never know how to start. I learned how to do that from Louise and through the private lessons that I follow I have already made a lot of nice drawings. I will continue for a while, I like it.



Petra ( Saturday, 20 October 2018 16:58 )


I have been taking private lessons with Louise for six months. As a result, I now draw much more at home than I did. I am happy that I made the choice because I now do what I really enjoy. I also learn what you can make with all kinds of materials. Something I didn't know before.



Gilia Steffens ( Sunday, October 14 2018 17:13 )


When I think back to the courses and workshops that I have done with different teachers, the pleasant atmosphere, the wonderful space and spontaneity of Louise in her studio remain the most memorable.
The very pleasant and step-by-step way of working, but then free play to finish the painting, always makes me happy and even proud of what I have made.
People who think they cannot paint regularly come home, but in the end they go home with a big smile and a satisfied feeling, with a beautiful painting under their arm.
In short, a great recommendation and to taste the atmosphere through a workshop, and then perhaps enthusiastically follow a course.



Jacobijn van de Ven ( Thursday, 11 October 2018 18:14 )


Since this season I follow the drawing course with Louise on Monday morning .. and I like it very much. Nice to work quietly in a pleasant space and relaxed atmosphere with pen, (color) pencil, ink and paint. Her lessons are very accessible. Nice assignments that you can complete in your own way.
Wonderful to be busy for a while.



Monique ( Thursday, 11 October 2018 16:31 )


With Louise I got over my 'tick fear'. :) I've always wanted to draw, but thought / thought I couldn't. Like so many people. Her classes are accessible, fun and inspiring. Thanks to her assignments, tips and encouragement, I was regularly able to amaze myself about what I had made! I've been drawing for 6 years now. Lovely!



Sjon Buijs ( Tuesday, 24 October 2017 20:19 )


"You draw for yourself. Knowledge of techniques and materials makes that even more fun. And Louise helps me enormously with that. Looking together for what I really like to do. Finding out which ways of working and which materials are the best. suit me.
One-on-one, with a cup of coffee and tasty cookies, relaxed, with a positive approach.
It makes me very happy, it stimulates me and the fun in drawing continues to grow. "