Welcome to my online gallery

My paintings and drawings often have the theme: Nature.

That was not even consciously chosen, but originated.

Birds, fish, trees, flowers ... these are 'just' my favorite subjects.

I also like free portraits and drawing from the imagination.

It's pretty illustrative. From the imagination.

The style I work in is diverse. As well as the material. I like that, a challenge.

It remains fascinating to research, to try out, to discover.

There are so many possibilities that I never stop learning and it never gets boring.

I prefer to be surprised on paper or canvas.

I don't want to know in advance what it will be.

The drawing or painting tells its story under my hands.

Visual language is fascinating. It is so revealing without words.

Although I also like to play with language. To write.

Either way: be creative. Making something that wasn't there before.

That remains, I think, a wonderful phenomenon.