Nice to meet you

Hi, I am Louise Adams. Mother of two grown children and a drawer in heart and soul.

As a child I liked to draw. Like so many. Drawing is a universal visual language.

I have always continued with it. As a necessity of life.

Of course, the subject had to 'draw' on the Mavo and Havo in the final exam package!

After working for 4.5 years at a publisher of youth magazines where I did the layout and made illustrations, I went to the Art Academy in Rotterdam, what I wanted for years.

There I followed the 4-year course Visual Communication and Illustration (1991).

In Zutphen, the Art & Communication course: Drawing teacher (2004) and Coach visual (2010).

This means that I am trained in both sides of the drawing profession.

That of the beautiful picture on the outside (the end result) and that of the beautiful picture on the inside of the human being, where it is more about the emotional life.

For years I lived and worked in the Rotterdam area, and since 2010 my studio is located in the center of Hilversum.

Here I work as an illustrator and drawing teacher and I also make free work and on assignment.

Look at my portfolio here . Are you interested in drawing lessons ? Or a workshop ? Would you like to have an illustration made?

Feel free to look around my website, and who knows, I might see you 'live' in the studio. You are always very welcome!