* There are currently only Private Lessons, so no group lessons.

Do you want to make colorful imaginative drawing art? Start here.

Do you recognize this? You dream of being able to draw. From your own imagination. But you are afraid of the white paper. 

And ... do you (still) have fantasy? You see the best drawings on the internet, but how do you make them?
As a child you liked drawing. You can still see yourself free and happy at the kitchen table, with a nice box of colored pencils and a drawing pad. Somehow you lost that pleasure. Too much creativity at home was not seen as something useful, and certainly not for making a profession. Or maybe your drawing pleasure was spoiled by the criticism at school. Because your drawing didn't look like it, and you got a fail. In this way you continued to doubt yourself and made other choices. But deep down, your desire is still there.

To play with shape and color. But how? Can you do it? Do you dare?
Get the joy of drawing back.
Imagine what it would be like to draw carefree (again).
At home on the couch in your own sketchbook, or at the table with a cup of tea.

Without wondering if it looks like or what anyone else thinks of it.
The paper is your world in which you create whatever you want, from your imagination and own fantasy.
You feel your creativity flowing again. Inspiration will bubble up.
You experience relaxation and pleasure because you do what you like.
This is how beautiful things are created. Inside and on the flat surface.

Here you will learn to effortlessly create colorful and imaginative work in a relaxed atmosphere. Drawing is a mindful activity.

For a while, the paper is your world on which everything arises.

That is a wonderful thing to do.

As a result, you are 'out of your mind' and you can relax, recharge and you will be surprised by the artist that emerges within you.

With the right assignments, ideas, materials and techniques you can create pieces from your imagination and intuition.

You'll learn drawing skills and coloring techniques to develop your work properly.

You'll work with various materials, or combine them into 'mixed media'.

The drawing studio offers you the time and space to develop your creativety.

So ... do yourself a favor. Take the step now to start with what you want so badly.